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Our staff has experience managing and designing land development projects with tight schedule constraints.


Let us help you prepare scopes of work, project scheduling, and perform site investigations.

SIGMA has seasoned staff ready to assist you with whatever your project requires from sampling plans, health and safety plans, to hydrological and geotechnical site investigation efforts we are here to help. 

Let us save you time and money on drafting. We can prepare your permit and construction documents and help you with the conceptual design pertaining to site layouts, roadway designs, land use planning, stormwater design, utility layout, sewer layout, and construction details.


Site Layout & Land Development / Geotechnical / Stormwater / Traffic Studies /

 Structural Analysis / Renovations / Seawalls / Docks / Construction Management



  • Site Layout & Land Development  

  • Geotechnical

  • Stormwater

  • Traffic Studies

  • Structural Analysis

  • Renovations

  • Seawalls

  • Docks

  • Construction Management

SIGMA Sustainable Solutions specializes in a wide facet of civil engineering specialties.

Whatever the project at hand may be, SIGMA will provide engineering designs that are built to last.

Glass Buildings


SIGMA regularly assists with permitting, planning and the conceptual design associated with the renovation of existing structures.  Projects ranging from rebuilding private docks, expanding single-family homes, or revitalizing marinas. We are here to help.



The focus of this project was primarily on regulatory compliance, current water infrastructure analysis, water conservation, and reuse applications.  As part of a dynamic team, future forecast demands and current potable water use were assessed and recommendations made to implement water reduction measures for support of current and future water demands. 

This project was completed while employee was under a different company. 



Project scope includes elevation and re-enforcement of a residential structure built in the 1940’s located on the Pacific coast. Tasks included analysis of existing foundation, enhancement of existing structural composition, and addition of interior structural support. Project completion involved the redesign of the foundation and structural components to include a stem wall.


Stabilization of Existing Structure During Excavation

Construction oversight focusing on stabilizing the foundation of a storage structure during contamination excavation.

After the excavation was completed and all contamination removed, the soil was compacted according to the required bearing capacity for a new structure and parking lot. Tasks included oversight, health and safety, and completion of daily quality control reports (DQCR) required by the USACE. 

This project was completed while employee was under a different company. 

Bridge Inside


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